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Introducing Lumin, the next step in Bitcoin security.

Tailored for modern needs, Lumin blends sophisticated protection with simplicity, making Bitcoin management safe and effortless for everyone.

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Enterprise-Grade Bitcoin Protection

Multisig Security

Our 2-of-3 multisig wallet boosts your asset safety. Even with one key lost, your investments are secure—guaranteed peace of mind with enhanced protection.


Lumin puts the power in your hands. Own your Bitcoin journey with full control over your assets.

Backup Assurance

With Lumin, one backup key means double security. Your assets are always protected, adding a reliable safety net to your wallet.

Ease to Use

Lumin simplifies Bitcoin management. Our user-friendly platform makes navigating your Bitcoin journey smooth and effortless.

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Empower Your Bitcoin

Secure, simple, and in your control.